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How to Save The Planet

Ire F. Dobson

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Turning Planet Oil to Planet Green

  • History

  • Solution

  • Route Map

  • Stages 1 to 5

 1) Proof Of Concept

 2) 1 Megawatt Prototype

 3) 10 to 50 Megawatt Wave Power Station

 4) Multi Gigawatt Wave Power Stations in every Island Community, Country and Continent

 5) Develop our Technology towards the wind sector…

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Through the excessive burning of Oil, Coal and Gas, average global temperatures have risen in 75 years to plus 0.4 Degree’s from 1900’s to the 1970’s, then in the next 40 years from 0.4 to 0.8 Degree’s by the end of 2014

In took only 6 more years from 2015 to 2020/21 to bring us up to 1.2 Degree’s, at that point we watched as Australia, North America and the Amazon burned, at the same time we seen the most Catastrophic Severe flooding destroy huge areas of Europe, China and South America… The Gulf Stream has slowed and may even stop, the Jetstream has also drastically changed… The Tipping Points that will destroy us all, are being breached Now…

We will have breached 1.5-degree limit by 2025… But nobody is talking about this…

This is not a wee bit of Climate Change, this is a Cataclysmic Climate Disaster and it’s happening Right Now…

There is no point in crying about our need for Oil or Natural Gas if you just killed your kids, grandkids future’s as well as most of the life on this planet… And Folks, that’s me being KIND…

WE can still save this planet regardless of all the bullshit wishy washy greenwashing rhetoric…

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The Solution is simple we must leave ALL the Carbon in the ground.

To leave all the Carbon in the ground we need to create at least 6 to 10 times more Bulk Renewable Electricity and this needs to be done NOW not in 10, 20 or 30 years time… And for this to work the energy also needs to be vastly cheaper than Oil, Coal, Gas and Nuclear.


Unfortunately, there will not be enough capacity or the costs reduced any time soon with any of the existing Renewable Energy Solutions and remember Nuclear is not an option we’ve all had enough Chernobyl’s and Fukushima's …

I did say the solution is simple, there is 800 times more energy in a cubic metre of ocean than a cubic metre of wind… And we are developing the technology to capitalize on this huge energy resource.


Not KWs or MWs but Multi Gigawatt Wave Energy Power Stations in every Island Community, Country and Continent we can…

One of the most researched forms of Ocean Energy is the “Oscillating Water Column” OWC’s  create massive volumes of low-pressure air and we have developed the solution that maximizes this huge energy potential…

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Turning Planet Oil to Planet Green.

We’re redesigning the “Oscillating Water Column” OWC to maximize the huge amount of sustainable volume and pressure of the Pneumatic Energy gained in the collector, we then take this massive resource and put it to work through the most efficient use of air ever created, which is my late fathers ULP device that we developed over many years to be the most efficient use of air every made…

We have scaled up his early prototype to ensure it was as efficient regardless of size, demonstration is available to the right investors… We now need to bring all these components together and to prove our Technology, we need to develop from Proof of Concept to, 10 to 50Mw Power Stations and on to Multi-gigawatt Power Stations in every Island community, country and continent we can…

We are developing not just a Step Change or a Game Changer, we are now Developing World Changing Technology but we cannot do this on our own. We need investment and we need that investment NOW…

Now for 99.9% of the Investors out there this journey is not for you, its to big a challenge, it’s too much of a risk but for that 0.1% of investors that actually do want to “Turn Planet Oil to Planet Green”.

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Stages of Investment and Outcomes

Stage 1

Build Proof of Concept for a real world environment

Optimise the OWCs Design for sustainable Volume and Pressure

Attach ULP Device to create wave powered electricity

Budget £100,000

Outcome 5 KW+

1 Year

Stage 1 is currently underway,

you still have time to invest, join us in our journey to save our planet.

Stage 2

1 Megawatt plus prototype

Build and Develop in a real world environment

Budget £2,500,000

Outcome 1Megawatt+

+1 year

Possibly Connect to the Grid

5% Equity (Non-Negotiable)

Stage 3

10MW to 50MW “Small Scale” Power Station

Build and Develop in a real world environment

Maximum Budget £25,000,000

Outcome 10MW to 50MW

+2 years

Connect To The Grid

5% Equity (Non-Negotiable)

Stage 4

1 Gigawatt + Wave Power Station

Develop in parallel in every Island Community, Country and Continent we can

Maximum Budget £250,000,000 per Gigawatt

Outcome Replace OCG and Turn Planet Oil to Planet Green

+3 years

Connect To The Grid


10% Equity (Non-Negotiable)

We are all running out of time… To the Investor, invest in at whichever stage you can and together we will Save This Planet
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It’ll take us until 2030 to save this planet even if we are properly funded, maybe we could even shave a few years off this if we overlap the stages but that’s up to you the Investor’s, but we are running out of time…

Some folk might think this is an impossible task to do in such a very short time, that it may even be an insane a pipe dream at best and that if the very best in Science,  Academia and Industry can’t do it with Billions spent over 50 years how can we?…

In Reply. The answer is simple, we are Scottish and “Simple Ideas make Common sense Solutions”. We have learned the lessons from all our predecessors' accomplishments and their failures. Since 2014 we have been developing this project from outside the box. We are not constrained by some abstract sensibility of corporate identity or accountability, we have no ego, we don’t work with outdated TRL or TPL methodology or being forced to de-risk by selling out to a collaborative national or multi-national approach or pressured by corporate agenda…  We just Innovate and overcome and, in every aspect…

We knew we had the most efficient use of Low-Pressure air ever developed, we just needed to know our tech was scalable. Well, it is, we set up our small engineering workshop and now know our Technology is more than just scalable. We are now building the small optimized OWCs PoC’s its just taking too long, we are all running out of time. We have only a few years left to save this place. We here in Scotland are developing the solution to leaving all the carbon in the ground and creating bulk renewable electricity at a fraction of the cost of Oil, Coal, Gas and Nuclear.

We are developing the technology that will  “Turn Planet Oil to Planet Green”.…

To the 0.1% Investors that will get behind this project, well together we will  “Save This Planet”

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Thank You

Ire Dobson

+44 (0) 7714809219

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