Our Technology

We use the AquaDopp system's for live monitoring of the actual sea state and condition for optimisation.

New to Waves

Aquadopp 300

Tech Spec

The telemetry from several AquaDopp sensors installed at pre-determined locations leading up to the Oscillating Wave Column are fed back to the Opto Pac 22 monitoring system.


Basic Principal of Electrolysis

Digital Pressure Transducer 

Digital Butterfly Valve

Until our system is connected to the grid, we can switch to producing clean hydrogen and oxygen through the process of Electrolysis. 
Hydrogen is currently used on new ocean going vessels, public transport, fuel cells and carbon capture devices. It is relative simple to store and transport safely.   
We can also direct the electricity generated from the DDU to solid state lithium battery banks or feed the power directly to the grid.
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