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About Us

Our Company evolved from the mining industry in Ayrshire, we were Drilling and Blasting Contractors in Quarries, Opencast Coal Sites and Civil Engineering, we also built and developed various products for use primarily in our industry. During this time we developed a very special and unique piece of technology. Our device used high volume of air at very low air pressure which returned exceptionally high torque and efficiency. The thing is, at that time there was no commercial viability for such a device. There was also no requirement for air compressors to produce high volumes of air at low pressures, so our Ultra Low Pressure (ULP) Device was put into storage until we found a need for it…

Project Beginning

In late September 2014 a friend was discussing a decommissioning contract on Islay that he had been involved in, this peeked our interest as the facility in question was an “Oscillating Water Column” (OWC) wave power electricity generator. We found this of great interest as we had been previously theorising on wind and wave energy technology noting that various wave devices currently being developed used only the resultant energy from the oscillation of the waves and not the actual power, momentum and weight of the waves and that wind turbines tended to waste vast amounts of spilled air, after a little further investigation we noted and quantified that the OWC’s produce huge amounts of low pressure pneumatic energy. It was that point we knew we had something very special, something very unique just sitting on a shelf, we knew that our ULP Device if scalable could efficiently utilise and maximise this huge resource of high volume of low pressure air to create not just small amounts but considerable amounts of bulk electricity.

Below is an example of the ebb and flow of an “Oscillating Water Column”

Therefore, it's time for a new project, The Waves In Scotland Project (WISP)
We formed “Dobson Research & Development Ltd” in March 2015 with a view to developing the world’s first ever commercially viable wave energy power station and through organic growth become a renewable energy power generation company first at a local, then national and international level. The world is crying out for a cheap, bulk renewable power source and before our climate implodes. The thing is we know our technology if given the opportunity to be developed properly we will turn
“Planet Oil to Planet Green”.
We spent a few years gaining valuable insight into the renewable sector, we learned that the very best in science, academia and industry identified that the future of renewables lies in wave energy, spending decades in academic research with projects spending £100s of millions in modelling, wave tanks and simulations creating highly complex mechanical engineering solutions, when built and installed in a real world ocean environment ultimately failed. Although not to diminish this valuable learning as it has led us to where we are today, from the lessons learned from our predecessors we realized that to unleash the huge energy potential from the oceans we will have to create robust real world solutions, which are simple and maximize this untapped resource, we knew that the rugged simplicity of a OWC captured that huge energy resource and when directed to our ULP device we maximize the most efficient use of that high volume low pressure air to create cheap, bulk renewable grid specific electricity… In fact it came to our attention very quickly when reading the conclusions from the principal developer of the site at Islay “Dr Tom Heath” Stated that “We need to find an alternative means of coping with the large pneumatic powers gained in the collector” we knew we were that alternative means as we have the most efficient use of air ever created. The next step was obvious, we needed to set up a small engineering workshop to confirm the ULP device was indeed scalable. So in mid 2017 we acquired the largest 3 phase Milling Machine and Lathe we could afford, we then acquired the tooling and raw materials with only one purpose, to build the biggest ULP device we could… In conclusion the ULP device is scalable and remains as efficient as we had calculated, operating at the same very low pressures…
We now need a stage gate approach to pull all these elements together, to build firstly a small “Proof of Concept” robust OWC that powers our ULP device in a proper predetermined real world shoreline ocean environment that makes sense of renewables past, present and future that in its self even at this early stage will deliver 50kw to 150kw+ of grid specific electricity from the ocean waves.


We are out of time, we all need to act now if we want to save our planet not just for us but for generations yet to come, we are the last generation that will be able to repair the damage to the environment.

It's our moral duty and responsibility to repair the damage we have all done.

We are criminally neglecting and destroying life on this world and it needs to stop now.

As innovators and investors we are the visionaries that will save the planet,

with the proper team we will change “Planet Oil to Planet Green”

Secondly our modern utopia survives and thrives on energy wither electricity, oil or gas which in itself is a huge ball of ever turning cash, we need to alter that equation and create a cost effective, profitable, carbon and nuclear free world.


We are developing the technology that can produce huge amounts of bulk renewable electricity at a fraction of the cost of Oil, Coal, Gas or Nuclear which produces huge profit potential as well as the commercial viability to replace petrol, diesel and aviation fuel with Cheap Bulk Hydrogen.

Our technology will be very disruptive to the global energy financial balancing act but things need to change.

We need to be the change, we want to see in the world…

“The minute we turn on a 10 to 50 Megawatt wave power station we have just announced to the rest of the world that it’s the end of the era of oil, coal, gas and nuclear as we can now produce bulk electricity and hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of OCG and Nuclear. 
This bulk renewable technology can be installed in any country or continent with suitable wave resource”.
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